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  • Billy Cone

Angels of Venice

Venice Italy Carnival Masks Photo Billy Cone

Venice! Enter an authentic world of antiquities, crowds, walking streets, caffes, ristorantes,

and MASKS!!! Yes and during Carnival the locals as well as tourists don the amazingly

colorful paper mache masks. I was fortunate to have photographed dozens of people

in the streets and Saint Marks Square.

Each year, from early February till around the 26th the festivities go on all over Venice

above all in the Square. An angel of light descends down from the campanile into an

awaiting crowd of loyal citizens who come for this event every year. It's like the ball

dropping in Times Square on New Year's Day. And yes, it's a riot.

The masks are so original and I had the chance to create my very own at one of the shops

that offer classes. Most masks have five layers of the cardboard paper to give them

strength and durability. The pictures of this event speak for themselves. Enjoy!!!

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